Passing Through, a novel by David Penhale

Toronto is not a place Daniel Foster wants to be for very long. If not for his daughter Mary being in financial trouble, he would not be here at all. What he really wants is to be back in the Arabian Peninsula or, better yet, on a plane leading to retirement in Thailand. But when the bank that holds his million-dollar savings crashes, he realizes he will be stuck in Toronto much longer than he expected. More…

Passing Through
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Chinese Language Edition of Passing Through

Morning Star Publishing, a publisher based in Taiwan, will publish a Chinese language edition of Passing Through. The Morning Star edition will be available around the world.


"Penhale describes Foster's fall and rise by way of a great comic plot that comes with a broad and sympathetic vision. One of the funniest books of the year, we can't laugh too hard given our knowledge of how easily the life it describes might have been or might yet be our own."
- Alex Good in the National Post

"Funny, irreverent, and reminiscent of Trevor Cole's fictional fun and games, Passing Through is a gas."
- Andrew Armitage, The Sun Times

"… Penhale's skill as a novelist — the ability to catch those fleeting, telling moments where people talk to and past each other… by the end we see something quite different: the notion that age requires of us a kind of imaginative leap, an understanding of ourselves as the heroes of a different kind of story, one that resists the predicable closures of the past."
- Steven Hayward, the Literary Review of Canada

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